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My art consists of paintings, drawings and sculptures that capture past/present experiences, contemporary observations and emotion. I get ideas for characters and settings through daily interactions with my environment. These characters and settings are semi-fictional and help me portray my personal experiences. I like to capture emotion by illustrating body language, facial expressions and by the use of color. The media I work with are acrylic paint, pastels, canvas and wood. My work mostly consist of a pastel color palette and rough brush, pencil or pen strokes. The sculptures I create are made out of building materials such as wood, plaster and paint. 


Graffiti art and Graphic Design are a big influence in my current artwork. I practiced graffiti art at a young age and through that type of art I was able to understand basic art concepts like color, composition, shading and line work. Graphic Design has drawn my attention to advertising images, objects we look at each day without really seing them.  

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